Subject Pre-release sale for upgrade purchases & my pledge.
Author Jason Wharton
For the time until I have the release ready and available for download I am
holding a sale where you save at least $20 on your cost to upgrade your IBO
source access subscription. I am also going to extend everyone's expiration
date by 6 months who purchases a license or an upgrade prior to my release,
which effectively is like giving you 50% more product, but you have to ack
quickly. This is in part my way of making up for going 6 months overdue
without a release.

Please hurry over to and login and purchase
your upgrade soon before the release is put out and I restore the prices to
normal again and you miss the 6 months extension.

Lots and lots of fixed bugs and some nice new features!

IBO sales remain fairly steady, but it is obvious the sales volume generally
corresponds to how well I am nurturing and putting my time into the
community. I apologize I have not been as diligent and responsive for the
last 8 months as I have been in years past. I would like to reassure
everyone who has had cause to wonder if I would stay with IBO or not that I
am definitely going to stay working diligently on IBO. I've just had a lot
of adjustments at work and some personal issues to sort through that are
well behind me now.

I especially want to thank all those in the community that put in a lot of
time and effort to help others here in the support forums make the most of
using IBO. Particularly during the times when I was unavailable for days at
a time from the list.

I greatly appreciate the wonderful reputation we have built and have all of
you to thank for the good things you say about IBO in other forums, etc. I
believe I have earned the trust and respect of many here and I pledge to
honor that.

I especially want to thank all those who financially contribute to IBO by
purchasing commercial licenses. I wish I could do all this just for the fun
of it but your generosity is ultimately what is making all this possible.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton