Subject SP param/field error
Author Gediminas
Have such code:

SQL->Add( "select * from Select(:OtherID);" );
InsertSQL->Add( "execute procedure Insert(:OtherID,:User_ID)" );

select SP returns desc_id & desc fields.

Always get error, that OtherID field is not found until I add:
CalculatedFields->Add("OtherID decimal(15,0)");
or comment InsertSQL statement.

Why do I need to add calculated field for the parameter?
More: when calling insert do I need to supply OtherID param value or
is it already is there (from the master param list)?

SQL question: select filters records and one field from the results
depends is this field reside on a another table. How to make such

for example:
select,, case when ( select 1 from table2 t2 where = ) is null then "" else "" end as "
from table t
join .... on ....

place in question is where = <-- how to check, if t
selected id is in the t2?