Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Query/SP/KeyLinks
Author Alan McDonald
> Alan,
> If you are selecting from a stored procedure there isn't a
> practical way to
> refresh just a single record. I've tampered with the idea of allowing you
> to create a second stored procedure tailored just for returning a single
> record and allowing you to plug it in so that IBO can do this.
> For the time being, I recommend that you do not rely upon this
> capability of
> IBO in this way. As it is right now, the server would have to
> run the whole
> dataset until it finds the record you are after. This doesn't seem
> appropriate to me.
> There may be some other ways to approach this too, so I'm open to ideas.
> When using a stored procedure set KeyLinks blank and set
> KeyLinksAutoDefine
> to false.
> Jason Wharton

good thanks - that's what I wanted to know...
but surely there is an interaction with the RefreshAction property? if no
autodefine and no keylinks is set what is the refresh action limited to?
just raOpen I guess?