Subject [IBO] Re: ISC_ERROR 335544652 multiple rows in singleton select
Author w1n9man
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> For some reason the table "WORKING" was defined twice in your script.
> Please take the cut down version you gave us and verify it as if you
were us
> and provide easy to follow instructions to see the error you are having.
> I'm actually trying to see what you are doing.
> Jason Wharton


Once again sorry,

The second definition at the bottom is the output from the tables
metadata - I forgot to annotate as such.

To replicate the problem do the following;

Use a TIBODatabase and TIBOTable and a button

Set the TIBOTable component to look at the "Working" table and the
TIBODatabase to look at the database.

Place two or more records in the table, with a unique UID (1,2 etc
will suffice), put values into Start(Time) and Ondate(Date), leaving
Finish as null.

Place this code in the onclick event handler for the button

TIBOTable1->Active = true;
TLocateOptions Opts;
TIBOTable1->Locate("UID", 1, Opts); // <- Error should fire here
TIBOTable1->FieldByName("FINISH")->AsDateTime = Now();

Compile and click the button.

That should do it.

If you need any more let me know.