Subject To repair connection mistake and to continue to execute the application
Author Juarez A. Mendes

Could anybody help myself with the following problem?

With IB_Connection, I would like to treat a possible connection
error or even the non existence of the database in the opening of
the application.

I have the following code:

procedure TDatasource1.IB_ConexaoLOCALBeforeConnect(Sender:
TIB_Connection); begin

with IB_ConexaoLOCAL of the
Path := ReadfromINI(path);
Server := ReadfromINI(server);
Password := ReadfromINI(pass);
Username := ReadfromINI(user);

procedure TDatasource1.DataModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);

Ok, here works well, me then mute the name of the database or I
configure the path for a wrong way and it would like the
application, when noticing the connection mistake to open a window
personalized to try to locate the file and to change the
configuration of the system because when trying to treat in the
event: OnError simply receive the error message and the application
is aborted! How that to solve?

I thank the help!

Juarez A. Mendes