Subject RE: [IBO] Data Aware components - question
Author Daniel Jimenez
> To make a dataset "editable" you must do two things:
> 1) set RequestLive true (or, alternatively, provide custom
> XXXSQL properties that make a non-updatable dataset updatable)
> and
> 2) set correct KeyLinks
> You might have set KeyLinksAutoDefine to true in expectation
> that the dataset would find its own KeyLinks automatically.
> In the case of a simple query of one table, that includes the
> columns of the primary key, this is what happens. But if
> your SQL doesn't include the key in the set, or if the query
> has a join, Autodefine doesn't work and you must set KeyLinks
> yourself. They also must be correct, i.e. uniquely identify
> one record in the buffer.
> Helen

I understand. However, is possible to set the RequestLive to True, when
working with multiple tables, join, etc, so that the TIB_Edit components
would allow the application user to edit the contents of them? (I am aware
that I will have to set the KeyLinks when operating on multiple tables,
join, etc).



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