Subject Re: [IBO] Data Aware components - question
Author Lucas Franzen

> --- Problem ---
> If the application user edits the content of a TIB_Edit, but then decides to
> not hit the Commit Button on the form, the changes are not committed to the
> DB. Perfect just as expected. However, if the application user was to make a
> search for the same record she/he just edited, but did not commit, the
> TIB_Cursor will display the record with the modifications, and not the
> record as it is in the DB.
> Why??????

As long as the record is posted but not committed the cursor will see
the record as posted if the cursor is in the same transaction context as
it what when posting.

Other transactions won't see that record since it was never committed.
And not hitting the commit button doesn't imply a rollback at that very

Don't mix up POST and COMMIT, these are two different things.