Subject Bug in TIB_Edit
Author Steve Fields
Hi all,
No one was able to answer my question about the
TIB_Edit problem I was mentioning so I guess it would
be classified as a bug.

During design mode the control acts normally but
during running, whenever the control gets focus, the
text shifts left about 2-3 pixels and obliterates the
border line. Afterwards it stays in this state until
the window is closed and reopened.

I believe that I have determined that it is during
the paint method that is followed when the component
has a button of any type. IE this also occurs on the
IB_Date component as well.

With the Telesys components this doesn't seem to occur
but with them, when the button is visible, the button
just overlays the last few characters of the text on
the right.

Now here is the real problem: On other, created from scratch
forms, this does not occur. So, the question is, why does
this occur at all? What could I be doing that would cause
this crazy behavior? Is there a logic bug somewhere in my
code or IBO code that could be causing this? I am not doing
any unsual coding.

Steve Fields