Subject Re: [IBO] TCP port settings
Author Daniel Rail

At October 12, 2004, 13:13, abedna2000 wrote:

> Is there a possibility to connect to IB/FB running on other port
> than 3050? Best if I could do it with TIBODatabase, like setting
> DataBaseName to "myserver/1234:c:\data\somedb.fdb", which
> unfortunately doesn't work :-(

> Is that possible?

Yes it is.

Set the properties as follows:
IBODatabase.Server := 'myserver/1234';
IBODatabase.Path := 'c:\data\somedb.fdb';

And, that should work. I used IBODatabase, but simply replace it with
the name you are using. By setting these two properties, the
DatabaseName property will be populated automatically.

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