Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Text question
Author Mark Pickersgill
Hi Geoff,
I too agree that the TFont is probably overkill, and to be honest it
came down to laziness. It was the last thing I did in the mods and after
two days with this stuff I'd had enough :).

The "original" intention was to allow the developer to change the font

Perhaps 3 basic properties instead of a TFont would be sufficient:

and "maybe" style?

Any feedback is most welcome. Let me know how you go if you get around
to compiling it into an existing app.


Geoff Worboys wrote:

>Hi Mark,
>>If you want more from the AutoLabel and/or more documentation
>>on the AutoLabel stuff, see my AutoLabel enhancement in the
>>files section of this yahoo group. The file is
>>and inside the zip file the IBC_Label.pas file is the one that
>>contains the documentation for the auto-label.
>>I'm hoping Jason at least extracts the comments for the
>>Autolabel stuff for the next release as the AutoLabel is a bit
>>perverse when you first look at it...but darn useful :)
>I took a look at what you've done to AutoLabel - it looks
>like great job.
>By the time Tobias and I had gotten the original parts working
>we were out of the patience required to polish it. It was very
>fiddly getting the timing exactly right for all the bits to
>update as needed.
>I have not had a chance to compile your changes into my own
>apps to see how it goes, but from your demo images it looks
>like there is now a lot more to attract people to using it.
>My main concern with your new code is the creation of a TFont
>instance with the AutoLabel object. Its probably not a big
>deal, but we tried to keep the overheads for AutoLabel down to
>a minimum so that, when no label is actually being managed, the
>only impact would be the autolabel properties themselves and
>not any other objects. (Otherwise we could have saved a lot of
>bother and just had the labels always created and only bothered
>to show/hide as needed.)
>AFAIK the VCL makes TFont pretty efficient (shared resources
>etc behind the scenes), so it probably wont matter very much.
>But it is one of the reasons why a Font property never made it
>to the original AutoLabel version.