Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Text question
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Mark,

> If you want more from the AutoLabel and/or more documentation
> on the AutoLabel stuff, see my AutoLabel enhancement in the
> files section of this yahoo group. The file is
> and inside the zip file the IBC_Label.pas file is the one that
> contains the documentation for the auto-label.

> I'm hoping Jason at least extracts the comments for the
> Autolabel stuff for the next release as the AutoLabel is a bit
> perverse when you first look at it...but darn useful :)

I took a look at what you've done to AutoLabel - it looks
like great job.

By the time Tobias and I had gotten the original parts working
we were out of the patience required to polish it. It was very
fiddly getting the timing exactly right for all the bits to
update as needed.

I have not had a chance to compile your changes into my own
apps to see how it goes, but from your demo images it looks
like there is now a lot more to attract people to using it.

My main concern with your new code is the creation of a TFont
instance with the AutoLabel object. Its probably not a big
deal, but we tried to keep the overheads for AutoLabel down to
a minimum so that, when no label is actually being managed, the
only impact would be the autolabel properties themselves and
not any other objects. (Otherwise we could have saved a lot of
bother and just had the labels always created and only bothered
to show/hide as needed.)

AFAIK the VCL makes TFont pretty efficient (shared resources
etc behind the scenes), so it probably wont matter very much.
But it is one of the reasons why a Font property never made it
to the original AutoLabel version.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing