Subject TIB_Text question
Author Daniel Jimenez

A very simple question if I may.

I am trying to use the data aware components of IB Objects, but I am
obviously going about it the wrong way, as I am not getting the effect I am

Now the problem is as follows. I have created a DataModule, which contains:





(**)In the IB_Query I have used the "Field Properties - Display Label" to
change the label of the fields to a more "Human acceptable format".

In the application there exists a Form which contains the data-aware
components such as IB_Edit and IB_Text components. I have set the
"DataSource" property of the IB_Text component to point to the IB_Query
component I have also set the "DataField" property.

However once the IB_Connection and IB_Query is toggle to "live", the
IB_Text components display the "data" within the field of the table in the
DB rather that the preset Field Name(**) or just the Field name.

Thank you



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