Subject [IBO] Re: Admin components
Author russellbelding
--- In, Mark Pickersgill <mpickers@i...>
> Russell,
> A couple of things, IBOAdmin (from memory) uses whatever DLL
> throw at it in the same way as IBObjects uses whatever DLL you
throw at
> it. ie You can solely use the fbclient.dll file if you wish
> you take the same steps as you would for any IBObjects app that
> wanted to use the fbclient.dll.
> The IBOAdmin backup and restore services use the same Firebird
> administrative services API as gbak. Hence you CAN do a live/hot
> of a database using the IBOAdmin backup service.

Ah, thanks Mark for pointing this out. You are correct and I misled
myself. I included IB_session511.pas in Helen's sample program,
put "fbclient.dll" in there and now the Helen's sample program uses
So now there is the possibility of using IBOAdmin's Backup and
restore functions.

Kind regards