Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Admin components
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan
> > these are the best steps I know to backup/restore cycle.
> > 1. shutdown the database (assuming not everyone connected as
> SYSDBA - if so
> Yes Alan your method is "best" when seen as achieving the safest and
> quickest. But shutting down without politely talking to all current
> users is not an option.

you can shutdown however you think is appropriate... I didn't specify a
method, or exact procedure

> From within each application I will notify
> users. The notification will be the response to an event sent from
> the FB engine to all connected users because all apps register
> interest in an **_AfterInsert event on the table holding a record for
> each connected user. No other connections will be allowed as long as
> a restore request is connected. When the connected user count has
> dropped to 1, meaning the restore requestor is the last conneced
> user, that user will disconnect from the datafile without removing
> their restore request (thus preventing connections from other than
> the user who owns the restore request) and reconnect after the DB
> file is restored. Yes the restore would not be to the original
> datafile and a delete and rename would occur to prevent having a long
> interval wih no datafile.

this time span is totally up to gbak and your processor speed.