Subject R: [IBO] IB_Replication or ...
Author Enrico Raviglione
Hi Jason,

this is my scenario:

1) One main site where my customer have some workstation (6 or 7) that
work on database (insert,update,delete,...)

2) Another site where there are workstation (2 or 3) that make the same
work on database (insert,update,delete,...)

I need to maintain in Synch the database 1 and 2. I think this is not a
mission impossible but not so simple.
I need to re-do insert, update and delete, re-synch primary keys and
it's generator, etc...
I think this job can be done when users are offline and no person update

Your replication tools can be customized for this type of job?
Do you think this is a long time expensive job or are "pretty easy" to
do ?
Do you know if there are some other tools (ready to run) that solve my
customer needs ?

Best regards,
Enrico Raviglione.

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My replication tools only give you one-to-one and one-way only. It might
work for you but we would need to know more. You can also learn from
what mine does and customize it from there according to your own needs
for bi-directional replication. With InterBase/Firebird its pretty easy
to do.

Jason Wharton