Subject TIB_DSQL Parameter error message
Author Kevin Stanton
I've recently just started using TIB_DSQL for retrieving a product
description (thanks to Helen, I wasn't aware you could retrieve field values
with this low-overhead component).

The code to get the product description is this:

If qryGetProdDesc.Active then
qryGetProdDesc.Active := False;

If NOT qryGetProdDesc.Prepared then

qryGetProdDesc.ParamByName('ProdID').AsString := Field.AsString;
qryGetProdDesc.Active := True;
ProdDesc := qryGetProdDesc.FieldByName('ProdDesc').AsString;

If qryGetProdDesc.Active then
qryGetProdDesc.Active := False;

If qryGetProdDesc.Prepared then // <--- had to add this
qryGetProdDesc.Unprepare; // <--- to avoid below

I had to add the last test and unprepare the TIB_DSQL otherwise I get:

ISC Error Code: 335544569
Dynamic SQL Error
SQL Error code = -804
SQLDA missing or incorrect version, or incorrect number/type of variables.

Is there a way to update the parameters and reactivate w/out unprepare and