Subject AW: AW: [IBO] Dataset was not found to be deleted
Author Queck Rainer
Helo Hellen,

thanks a lot for you detailed explenation. I will review my app in order to follow your hints and advises.

>I have a KeySource-Lookoup relation on the process data using a
>IB_LookupCombo dropped on the grid.
>If the user now selects the field to modify the lookup combo comes up
>giving him choice from a other table. If now the corresponding dataset

[Queck Rainer]
yes, sorry for confusing

> gets copied to the archive before the user made his choice

How does this happen? An embedded lookup only works during edit mode. I
fail to understand how the app could post anything while the lookup
operation was incomplete.
[Queck Rainer]
It is not my "Visualisation" I am talking about that causes the data to be moved to to the archiev it is the "MainProcess" running in the background doing this. Actually it is a trigger on the table, working after update that moves a row from one table to an other if the data in the row is no longer needed.
I also thought that it should not be possible for a other app to "move" a row to a other table while a lookoup is in process. May be it is not that the row is no longer there but a keylink related problem also?


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