Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset was not found to be deleted
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:03 PM 29/01/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello List,
>I have a TIB_Grid, TIB_UpdateBar both linked to the same data source.
>I can add data sets to the grid, and verifying my "adds" with IB Expert, I
>can see them in the right table.
>If I now use the delete button of the update bar I get the exception
>(translated from German): "data set was not found to be deleted"

More likely "Row was not found to be deleted".

>This also happens if I explicitly do a CommitRetaining before.
>Was am I doing wrong?

You have missing or wrong KeyLinks in your dataset object (TIB_Query, etc.)

>Which component raises this Exception?

It's an EIB_DatasetError that the dataset component raises when it cannot
determine the database row which is to receive the DELETE statement. Your
KeyLinks must uniquely identify a row.

>Where do I have to put my try/Except to catch this exception?

This isn't the kind of error that you could catch and throw back to the
user - it's a programmer error.