Subject CPU load reaching 100%
Author Queck Rainer

one of my current application causes the CPU load to reach 100%.
Looking into the Task-Manager I see that ibserver is up to 90% most of the time.

In my current project I have a group of processes running which all access a Interbase database. All of them do this by using the TIB_Database, TIB_Transaction ect...
As long as I run my "non-GUI" processes every thing is fine.

As soon as I have the GUI application running the CPU load slowly starts to increase up to 100% (within 10 hours).

Investigating this symptom I found that with the non-GUI processes I always follow the procedure:

* Set query SQL
* Open query
* Read/write desired data
* Close query
* Commit

With the GUI application I can't do this. Here I am using Query.refresh to update the visualization.

If I terminate the GUI app and restart it , the CPU load goes down right away and then slowly starts to increase again.

I am now thinking of doing a reconnect every 6 hours, but this would only be a workaround.

Has anybody experienced the same behavior?
Is there a solution to the problem available?

Thanks for hints