Subject Re: [IBO] Application freezing
Author Sandeep Chandra
Helen Borrie wrote:

>At 12:17 PM 27/01/2004 +1300, you wrote:
>>My application is freezing and I have no clue what's happening. I'm
>>creating a table at runtime, do some processing and then freeing the
>What exactly does this mean? you are creating a table in the database, or
>creating a table object in the application.
>"Freeing the table" suggests you're talking about a table object, i.e.
>TIBOTable. Were you aware that a table object hides a SELECT * query with
>no WHERE clause? If it's on a big table, and you free the object before
>the query has finished fetching (the normal state a table object is in)
>then the destructor has to wait until the fetching is all done before it
>can commit the transaction and proceed to destroy itself. So whatever
>comes next in your code won't happen until that stuff is all finished.
But it works sometimes before freezing. There is no pattern to it. The
table is a small one with about 200 records.