Subject TIBOQuery Invalid custom DML column referenced
Author Ronan van Riet

I was successfully able to retrieve a dataset using TIBOQuery. Since, I have
expanded to allow INSERTs to be done on a table.

The following sql was added to the InsertSQL property

execute procedure SP_INSERT_PROJECT(:wwwCON_ID, :wwwDESC_TEXT)

I have defined 2 parameters, wwwCON_ID and wwwDESC_TEXT.
The 1st parameter I use in both the SQL and InsertSQL query.
The 2nd parameter I only use for the insert.

In TIBOQuery BeforeOpen I am setting the param value for wwwCONID.

For some reason I am getting the error

Invalid custom DML column referenced: WWWCON_ID

When I remove the InsertSQL and the 2nd paramter all is well.

Help appreciated,
Ronan van Riet

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