Subject RE: [IBO] Acessing an IB server over the Internet
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi folks!
> Does anyone really know how can I make a computer running IB "see"
> another one (running IB, too) over the Internet (in order each of
> them can access and alter data on each other's database)? Some useful
> info:
> - I've already opened port 3050 (for TCP & UDP) on both machines, but
> it didn't work.
> - The type of connection is broadband ADSL (PPPoE).
> - Both machines connect to the Internet through a router (SpeedStream
> 5200).
> - The router's built-in firewall is ON (but even when it is OFF the
> connection between the computers doesn't succeed)
> - NAPT is enabled (if I disable it, computers can't access the
> Internet).
> - When NAPT is ON, both computer's routers don't answer to the PING
> command sent to their IP addresses.
> - When NAPT is OFF, both computers answer to the PING command and can
> be accessed by Telnet.
> - The FIXED IP of both computers is (netmask
> There's no IP conflict, since they are on different
> networks and under NAPT.
> - The IP of both routers is (netmask

The 192.168 subnet IP range is not broadcast over the network (routers will
drop them before broadcast). Nor is the 10. subnet. Unless you have a VPN
established then these machines will never see each other.
Do a google on 192.168 and you will see this