Subject TIBOQuery Insert
Author Ross Garbig
I'm converting a Delphi 5 app which used Paradox tables to Interbase 6.2
mainly using the TIBOQuery (Ver 4.3) component. Most data entry forms in the
app have a set of buttons for Edit, Save, New, Delete and Cancel which
invoked the appropriate action of a TwwNavigation bar component (which is
the dataset of a Datasource component for the form).

All calls seem to work fine when now using the TIBOQuery component except
the Navigation bar's insert event for the TIBOQuery. The form clears OK and
all appears fine until pressing the Save button when an error is fired
saying the primary key for the record must have a value. There is a trigger
and generator for the related table but it appears this is not invoked when
the navigation bar's insert event is called?? Thanks .

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