Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DSQL execution status
Author Jason Wharton
> I would like to know if its possible to get the status after running
> a stored procedure within TIB_DSQL. For example if I run a stored
> proc in IBExpert I get output like this:
> 4224 record(s) was(were) updated in PATIENTS
> 4226 record(s) was(were) inserted into TRIALS
> 11708 record(s) was(were) inserted into ELIGIBILITY
> ------ Performance info ------
> Prepare time = 0ms
> Execute time = 1m 54s 294ms
> Current memory = 9,280,172
> Max memory = 9,283,244
> Memory buffers = 5,000
> Reads from disk to cache = 16,167
> Writes from cache to disk = 18,632
> Fetches from cache = 3,016,740
> Is it possible to get status such as number or records updated and
> which table was updated when running the same stored procs in

The same functionality is available to IBO as is for IBExpert.
You may need to use the statistics API some. See the IB_Profile component.
Also, there are the RowsAffected that returns separated counts too.

Let me know if you are not able to dig around and put together what you

Jason Wharton