Subject Connected remains True
Author Andreas Bednarek
Hello everyone,

TIBODatabase.Connected remains True also if the connection with the database
has been lost.

Is it a bug?

How can I know, that the connection has been lost? Listening to exceptions
on table access and trying to reconnect within the concept of those shows
some side effects. There is a property documented,
TIBODatabase.ConnectionWasLost, but is probably not implemented in IBO4.2.

Please help, I'm not able to reconnect to a database without a nasty modal
dialog 'Dataset is currently fetching'. (As you can read in some of my
previous messages 'How to reconnect to DB'(' II'). If you wish to repost
them please tell me!)

Why shouldn't the Connected property reflect an established connection
(maybe for some seconds at least)? If the appropriate sockets get
disconnected I think you should definitely be able to realise that...?.

I'm using IBO4.2 with FB1.5 RC8, Delphi4.

Thank you very much