Subject Cached updates and IBO
Author rlssv
We are going to make a new C/S application and are planning to use
cached Updates.
I have not been using cached updates for some time now. I dropped the
technique when I had bad experiences using it with Delphis std. data-
So far I have only used the Tdataset-compatible components of IBO -
mainly because we are used to the std. dataaware-components and
My questions are now: Are Cached Updates with the Tdataset-compatible
components as bad as with the std. Delphi.
Would it be better to skip the TDataset-compatible components and
start using the native IBO-componnents - for this reason ?

Or should I rather take a look at Delphi's Client-datasets ?
I guess your answer to the last one wil be No, but can you tell me
the advantages and disadvantages of doing so ?

Using D5, IBO 4.2.Ia

René /SSV