Subject Invalid variant operation
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

I have recently bought IBO.
I have used GReplace to switch from BDE to IBO.
I can start my appl. now, but I have some TIBOQuery (from the
iboTDataset palette).
To those I have attached some TDataSource. This because they have to
be viewed in a TDBGrid (or TRxDBGrid).
Sometimes I have a another TIBOQuery which is actually a subdetail
using the first TIBOQuery's TDataSource as DataSource.


I have a TIBOQuery which does this:

Select * from MyTable Where Some "Conditions"

Then I have another TIBOQuery which is:

Select Sum(AField) from MyTable2 where AField = :AField

The :AField comes from the first TIBOQuery's datasource but I get
this error when opening the subdetail query:

Invalid variant operation

Should I do something special to have this work ?