Subject Re: [IBO] Loading gds32.dll or fbclinet.dll in Win98
Author Daniel Rail

At January 15, 2004, 04:42, Corneliu T. wrote:

> I will check firebird-support for my problem. I renamed fbclient.dll in
> gds32.dll becose if I use gds32.dll *stub* the app don't start ...
> Runtime error 217 at 00xxxx0. :->

There were known issues with FB 1.5 RC7.

FB 1.5 RC8 no longer has the gds32.dll stub. It comes with a client
install called instclient.exe. This will help install a gds32.dll
that is not a stub. Read the release notes version 1.07(you can find
it on for more details.

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