Subject Re: [IBO] Still having problems with OnCalculateField
Author Stuart Hunt
> I guess it depends on how one sees things. My view is that it's
> trimming in the other cases, not that it's not padding in this case.
> That's why I'd want to hear what Jason has to say.
> Ciao
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> Nando mailto:nandod@d...

ok. We used CHAR fields in this way simply because IBObjects 3.3
didn't pad them (or did trim them, depending :-) ) - i.e. it all
worked fine at that time. This wouldn't be a problem if the
FieldsTrimming then made them trim. However, if I add:


or even:


to either the TIB_Connection.FieldsTrimming or even the
TIB_Query.FieldsTrimming it seems to have no effect. anyone got any
idea why and what I can do to fix this?
Stuart Hunt