Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid, newbie
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Michael,

> Is there an easy way to save to width of each column in a TIB_Grid ?

If at design time you prepare and open the query in the Query Editor,
you can move the columns around, adjust their widths etc., and
both column order and widths will be saved in the query's properties
(the widths are stored in the FieldDisplayWidth property, a

The stored values will be used for any Grid attached to the query,
unless overridden by the Grid's GridLinks (see IBO Help: GridLinks).

If you want to preserve a user's changes across sessions, I guess you
have to iterate over the Grid's columns, save the widths in the
Registry, and read them back after the Grid is created the next time.
I don't think there's a predefined method for that, but I may be wrong!

Paul Vinkenoog