Subject Re: [IBO] Extremely Flakey IB_CtrlGrid
Author Jason Wharton
> I'm using Delphi 6, IBO V4.2.Gb, multiple O/S and the above component is
> driving my users nuts (thus me nuts!).
> Very flakey flickering, data displays disappearing but redisplaying if you
> click in the field, etc. etc.
> (the IB_Grid has some issues as well - cursor does not show 1/2 the time).
> I was wondering if any work has been done on this component in more recent
> versions.
> Otherwise I'll need to nuke this very handy control and find another
> solution.


I would like to get this control working better but Windows just makes it
tough to get predictable event sequences for painting, etc. I recommend you
don't give up and actually try tweaking the sources to some extent. The
control isn't extreemely difficult to work with. You just may actually
provide some perspective I'm lacking on and resolve some of the niggles.

If you don't need editing, you may want to take a look at the TIB_Ledger

Jason Wharton