Subject TIB_DSQL execution status
Author vbj34

I would like to know if its possible to get the status after running
a stored procedure within TIB_DSQL. For example if I run a stored
proc in IBExpert I get output like this:

4224 record(s) was(were) updated in PATIENTS

4226 record(s) was(were) inserted into TRIALS
11708 record(s) was(were) inserted into ELIGIBILITY

------ Performance info ------
Prepare time = 0ms
Execute time = 1m 54s 294ms
Current memory = 9,280,172
Max memory = 9,283,244
Memory buffers = 5,000
Reads from disk to cache = 16,167
Writes from cache to disk = 18,632
Fetches from cache = 3,016,740

Is it possible to get status such as number or records updated and
which table was updated when running the same stored procs in