Subject Re: TIB_Date
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "Kevin Stanton" <Kevin.Stanton@R...>
> I was hoping the Delete key would do this. I'll have to sub-class the
> component.
> Thanks for the reply.
> Kevin

Uh? Del key is what I use to clear the date in the TIB_Date (once
entered and all selected). Does it not work for you? If not, I don't
know why, but:
- Are you linking IB_Date against a DATE field?
- what is your edit mask? Mine is 99/99/9999
- what is your display format? mine is dd/mm/yyyy
- are you sure you are using TIB_Date (native IBO component) and not a
standard TDBEdit connected to a TDataset? I remember that standard VCL
components have the problem that you can't clear the date (I had to
bould a customized component)
- you can also dorp down the calendar, and press the Cancel button on it
- you can go to the end of the date field, and cancel digit by digit
with backspace

let me know
Marco Menardi