Subject Re: [IBO] RE: Was Sweep Interval from fb-support
Author James
Hi Alan
Alan McDonald wrote:

>regarding IBO's ability to start a new transaction and return to the current
>Check out the
>and also the IB_Query RefreshAction property of raKeepDataPos
Iam sorry for my ignorance. Iam suprise to see the refresh subject here,
so I quickly refer to the IBO help to get some idea before I began
asking :-) . I does this means that when I call
ib_connection.DefaultTransaction.Refresh(true); This this equivalent to
ib_connection.DefaultTransaction.Start; ?

This arises another issue... are you familiar with the savepoint of IBO
not the savepoint of Firebird. What if I have other datasets that are
still in dssinsert or dssedit state? If I call
ib_connection.DefaultTransaction.refresh(true); will this forces the
remaining datasets in dssinsert or dssedit to be post? If youre not
familiar with the savepoint. It is like commitretaining but doesn't
require all the dataset in dssinsert or dssedit to be posted.