Subject IBO search in-depth
Author James
Hi everyone.

Iam trying to find the information I needed to understand more how the
search in IBO search mode works. I have search thru the ibobjects
website and in this forum. But didn't find the info I needed.

For example all the field of the table was presented by ib_edits, so in
search mode the user could just type something in any of the ib_edit to
search for something. My question is what I want to perform the same
search procedure provided by the IBO in search mode(because I think it
is very efficient and easy) not by my putting something in the
ib_edits, but my coding it. How could I do that? I have falsely conclude
that it could be as easy as ...
ib_query.fieldby('name').asstring:='borland' in search, but it is not.
So how do I do it by code.

Correct me if Iam wrong, the search provided by IBO can't be use if your
query is derive from two or more table by joins.