Subject Re: [IBO] Re: How to work a connection Server W2K and stations W98?
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:06 AM 11/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello Helen, thank you, does the ping usually work in the station
>with the server3 I didn't only try still to configure HOSTS because
>I had already gotten to connect before without using HOSTS, it would
>not be possible to connect without depending of this file?

You are talking about Win98 stations, right? If yes, then yes, Win98's
version of Winsock usually does require a HOSTS entry.

>I intend
>to distribute the application and the more easy it goes to
>configuration in the stations it would be better. How could I create
>a connection the same to the of IBConsole? Since he works so well
>would not it be best then to use the form that he uses?

If you like it, do it.

If you are using Firebird 1.5, you can make use of database aliases and
make your application completely portable.