Subject Re: How to work a connection Server W2K and stations W98?
Author Juarez A. Mendes
Hello Helen, thank you, does the ping usually work in the station
with the server3 I didn't only try still to configure HOSTS because
I had already gotten to connect before without using HOSTS, it would
not be possible to connect without depending of this file? I intend
to distribute the application and the more easy it goes to
configuration in the stations it would be better. How could I create
a connection the same to the of IBConsole? Since he works so well
would not it be best then to use the form that he uses?

Thank you


> IBOConsole does its own, application-specific "registration" of
> for its clients. Your application can't access that...
> Does the remote client have 'server3' set up in its HOSTS file?
(On Win98,
> this file is in the c:\Windows directory.)
> Have you tried pinging server3 from the command console of the
client machine?
> Helen