Subject Re: Replication Best Practices
Author Matt Nielsen
I have a very large application and didn't account for replication so
I want to fit this into it now with the least pain as possible.
Obviously this might not be possible. I thought maybe the combined
numeric (13,2) would accomplish this with the least amount of pain
having to re-work all of the joins in the 80-100 queries in my app.

I was planing to add the DBID in addition though. What sort of
issues might I have with the numeric field?


--- In, "paulfilmer" <pfilmer@b...> wrote:
> We use two fields for each primary key: an auto incrementer and
> a 'database id' field.
> That of course means in our code we often have to set the db id
> whenever we insert a record, and use it when doing joins etc.
> I wouldn't want to retro-fit it into a large application.