Subject Replication Best Practices
Author Matt Nielsen
Can anyone give me some best practices for designing a database with
replication in mind. I want the primary key of all my tables to have
replication in mind.

Here is my idea. I want to make all of my primary and foreign keys a
NUMERIC(13,2) the whole number portion would be assigned by a
generator and the decimal portion would be assigned by a static
database id. Giving a limitation of 99 databases to replicate with.

This means that all of my table that reference this primay key would
also have to be NUMERIC(13,2).

I'm just wanting to have some feedback from the group as to how other
people are dealing with the primary key issue of replication and what
the best sollutions are. I don't really want to create another field
that is a GUID. I know that GUID is very large and can be quite
slow. Please give me some ideas of the drawbacks of the key with
decimal places. I know this will create a BCD type field in IBO. Is
this a problem?


Matt Nielsen
Caelix, Inc.