Subject Re: [IBO] when can I access to IBO with trustware?
Author Jason Wharton
> I Need to now when can I access to IBO Community with Trustware,
> because in I see a message of new system to
> access that. well, thanks.

Please send a private request with a read receipt activated.

I don't get to them every day. I expect people will make do with the
evaluation version until I can process them. If someone has an urgent need
then they most likely should purchase a commercial license anyway.

I do plan to finish a more prompt and automated system for trustware
licenses. It's just right now my work (my day job) has me working very long
hours on a rollout. A new state-wide voter registration system for the State
of Arizona Elections Department.

Thus, my time for IBO specific things is not as plentiful the past month and
probably for yet another week or two.