Subject Why RAD with IBO document?
Author Marco Menardi
Hi, I've wrote a long time ago some note about how make the best use
of IBO for developing sounding applications. I'm not a IBO guru, but
I'm sure I've something to say that can be interesting for someone
else. Waiting to have the time to make it a good document, I've never
found the time to complete it, but I thought that it was a pity, since
it has some useful idea described, at least for beginners.
Recentrly I've read some posts asking about IBO advantages, and
differences between TDataset descendant and native IBO components, so
I thought was the time to "publish" it even if it's only a draft.
Of course, you'd better read all the teach sheet that you can find in
the IBO site, and bove all buy and read "Getting Started Guide", as I
did, but reading this brief notes could contribute also to your
The document is uploaded as .zip and contains the same document in two
standard formats, PDF and OpenOffice .sxw. Hope to receive your
suggestions, contributions and, of course, criticism to make if better
and better. Since I'm italian, grammar and spelling mistakes
suggestions are a lot welcome as well :)
Marco Menardi