Subject is it ok for searching?
Author Gediminas
Have a table with name, surname & etc info. I want to give the user
ability to enter new info in such way:
while entering name/surname in ib_grid are displayed only those
entries, which match already entered text (for example: T gives all
entries which names begins with T; To gives all entries which names
starts with To & etc. The same is while entering surname and other
fields - but filtering takes only already filtered dataset). If no
matching entries were found, user can add entered info into DB.

At thirst thought to use incseach, but it points to a matching entry,
but not hides not matching entries. So ib_paramedit seems to be right
SQL code for query will look like this:

select name, surname
from db
where name like ':name%' and surname like ':surname%'

Problem occured to add % to :name - got DB error about unknown column.
Is it the right way to do what I want (so how to add % ? :)) or there
is the better way (performance issues?)?

Besides, how differs dataset's search & browse states? from the user
point, those states very similar. Also don't understand the
SearchPanel component - how it can be used for searching? haven't
managed to make it work - where in searchpanel enter parametername to
match dataset's seachinglinks value? MDIApp & searchinglinks example
can't compile - don't have needed gdb

Huh, many question with only some answers