Subject Re: [IBO] Transactions
Author Nando Dessena
sorry for jumping in, but I have read your post with interest.

J> 1) Using 2 connections to the database - one with a TIB_Connection and
J> one with a TDatabase gave random exceptions "Declared cursor already
J> exists". I needed the two connections until a fixed a bug in an old version
J> of TIBOQuery that prevented it being used to feed QuickReports. Going back
J> to 1 connection seems to have fixed this problem.

Did you use a single IB_Session or two? I am going to have to do
exactly that (two connections) and I was planning to use two
IB_Session objects. I need to know if there's any outstanding bug in
IBO in this area (well, I'm gonna run into it if there is, but knowing
in advance would be nice); do you have any further info about this

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