Subject TIBOQuery Question
Author stewartwarren
Hi all:

I'm converting a BDE app to IBO and attempting to do it with as
little code re-writing as possible. I've run into what appears to be
a difference in how TIBOQuery works from other TDataSet based
components I've used (TQuery, and TwwQuery).

The difference is when CachedUpdates is set true. If the underlying
table has fields defined with a 'Not Null' constraint, I can't insert
multiple rows into the TIBOQuery without putting values into the 'not
null' fields. Previously, I've left these fields blank in the
dataset, until just prior to calling the ApplyUpdates method. For
example, with TIBOQuery attached to a grid via a TDataSource that has
AutoEdit true, the user can't enter multiple rows of data in the grid
unless each row has all 'not null' fields set with a value.

Is there a way to make the TIBOQuery accept rows with nulls in
required fields and defer these checks until the data is actually
ready to be sent to the database server?