Subject Parameter Values Problem (decimalseparator changed)
Author Calin Iancu Pirtea
How to show the problem:

-create a query with a currency parameter
-set the paramater at design time to some value
-at runtime change the decimalseparator
-prepare the query

Parameter at design time='0.000' note the decimal separator='.'
At runtime decimalseparator=','
On prepare the query will try to set the design time parameters
but StrToCurr will fail because '0.000' is not valid due to the new
decimalseparator ','.

1)Don't use design params where decimalseparator will change
2)Use OldParamValueLinks.Clear before prepare
3)Modify SysRestoreParamValueLinks to change the decimalseparator
in existent old parameters.

It would be nice to have 3 integrated into IBO.
It is very simple:

in SysRestoreParamValueLinks add the next lines before AsString := tmpStr
with Params[ii] do
if not IsBlob and not IsArray then

if IsCurrencyDataType then //Added line

tmpStr[Length(tmpStr)+SQLScale]:=DecimalSeparator;//Added line
AsString := tmpStr;

Probably it could be used depending on SQLScale<>0 instead of
but I'm not sure about that.


Best regards,
Application Developer
Calin Iancu, Pirtea
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.