Subject RE: [IBO] IBO seems slower for some things compared with the BDE
Author Peter McLeod
Hello Lester,

I would prefer to rewrite most things, but unfortunately it doesnt
appear to be an option. To give you a little history. I work for
a company that produces a finance system for local government
councils. They have 27 modules (including administration, property
etc). They were looking at going from Interbase 5.6 to Interbase
7.1, and I did up a plan for the migration (taking 18-24 months
including striping out the BDE). Unfortunately the Boss decided
that he would like things to go much faster, so would like things
done in something more like 6 months! I indicated that this is not
likely, but he wants me to spend some time and investigate it, to
see if we can get it done.

The problem is that a lot of the code is legacy code from previous
developers, so going through and rewriting it all is going to take a
long time. As an experiment though I am currently writing a little
Application in IBO (from scratch) and doing one in the BDE just to

In the mean time, if you have any pointers I would greatly appreciate
them. Even if I can just port our applications across without having
a loss of speed, it then gives us an opportunity to tidy up afterwards,
as getting rid of the BDE is the first hurdle.



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> I also performed the test locally, and found that the BDE was faster than IBO.
> Do you have any other suggestions for things to look at?

It's a long time now since I had any BDE stuff to convert -
fortunately because BDE NEVER worked for me in a 24/7
environment. I was put off changing to IBO because of the
sort of 'problem' you are seeing, and so 'lost' 6 months
when I could have been more productive. Once I took the
plunge again, I started with a clean build, rather than
trying to convert what I had, and achieved much better results.

IBO does a lot of the work for you, but carrying over
'baggage' from the BDE 'bug fixes' does not work well. That
said, I had to live with converted stuff as well, until I
could re-write all of the modules in native IBO. THAT is
still on-going, but only low usage stuff remains as BDE

I would say "Treat BDE convert as a starting point, but
re-write those sections that seem to slow you down ASAP".
Some sections will sing straight away, so I just depends on
how much 'bodging' you did to get BDE to work anyway :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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