Subject DatePick in IB_Grid
Author Tim Meneely
Are there any examples or other documentation around of changing the
characteristics of the Inplace Editor for dates in a TIB_Grid? The source
code says DatePick was made a protected property so "you can change the
properties of the Inplace-Editor in your derived class."

I want to make a couple of simple changes to the default date handling
(default to start the week on Sunday, for example) but either I'm having a
bad mental moment or I'm just too stupid... I can't get changes to show up in
my inherited IB_Grid class.

Incidentally, what I do seem to have working in my TIB_Grid descendant is
"Quicken-style' dates - press "t" for today, "+" for the next day, "Y" for
the beginning of the Year, etc. It's not quite ready for prime-time yet - I
had to do some jiggering so that "+" and "-" are regarded as valid keys, and
I'm hoping to figure out a better way to do that - but I'd be happy to share
the source code thus far if anyone wants it. I'm sure improvements can be
made. However, I've used this sort of date edit component for years, and
users love it for keeping their hands on the keyboard (not needing the

Tim Meneely
Pittsburgh PA USA