Subject IBO and Firebird 1.5 GOOD PRACTICE Was: [IBO] IBO and fbembeded.dll HOWTO
Author Artur Anjos
Frank and Tony:

Just to change the topic.

Main reason:

1) This will be a rule for people that want to use fbclient.dll directly -
without the need to install gds32.dll (that is a redirector in 1.5) - and
without the need to change anything in IBO sources.

With the change suggested, people can really have IBO talking with Firebird
1 / Interbase (whatever version) / Firebird 1.5 using the own client of the
version they want to use.

( Good tips! )


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> Hi Tony,
> first: thanks for the howto!, just a little comment:
> you don't necessarily have to edit the IB_Session511
> unit directly, you just have to make sure the
> IB_Constants.IB_GDS32 := 'fbembed.dll';
> statement gets executed before IBO "comes alive" in
> your app; so you could e.g. place it in the
> initialization part of any of your own app's units.
> (editing IB_Session511.pas may cause problems when
> you install newer IBO versions later on...)
> cheers,
> Frank