Subject Re: [IBO] ISAPI / multithread
Author stewartbourke

One last thing which has just come up in relation to this.

In my webmodule, I create quote a number of queries on the fly during
the execution of my DLL. Do I have to do anything with these queries
in terms of attaching them to the session - bearing in mind they are

Thanks again,

Stewart Bourke
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> >Helen,
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> >Thanks for that.
> >
> >One very quick point of clarification - can I reference
> >the connection string, or must it be 'localhost'?
> That depends on the Winsock version. Winsock 2 supports direct IP
> resolution. Winsock 1 doesn't. For Win95 you need the Windows !
> upgrade 2 (or is it 3?) to get Winsock 2 support. I think the
> distro of Win98 had Winsock 1. 98SE has 2.
> In any case, host name said to be faster on Windows, because it
> matched directly to the stored IP address and field-by-field mask-
> follows. If you use the IP address in the connection string,
> parses it first as a string, breaks out the mask fields and puts
them back
> together again before doing the mask evaluation. Why, I don't
know. I
> recall someone (maybe Ivan Prenosil) reporting this ridiculous fact
from an
> MSD paper a year or two ago.
> Helen