Subject Problem with IB_GRIDS and Lookup Field
Author Guillemo Alvarez
Hello, at first time sorry for my english. I have a little problem with the
ib_grid. there are two IB_Querys linked by keysource for get a lookup field
in the first. The structure is like this

Table Provider Table Conta

Index Name Provider Total
---------------------- -------------------
1 AAAA 1 1000
2 BBBB 2 3000

I make a lookup field in the query for get the provider's name

select provider,(select name from provider where
Provider.index=Conta.provider) as Name,total
from Conta

I put this in a IB_GRIDs and all is ok. But when i insert a new record and
i input the provider code the name don't refresh is blank until i close and
reopen the query.There is any solution?